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Good Neighbour Scheme

Some people already act as good neighbours but there are still many people who need support. Changing communities can make some people feel isolated and lonely. The Good neighbour Scheme can help to reduce the distressing effects of these changes.

DPVC started its Good Neighbour Scheme in 1994. The scheme consists of local volunteers who are willing to help others, usually the elderly, in their community. Help includes the following

Good neighbour schemes provide easy access to help and support for all residents living in the community and offer a friendly local service. They can help to ease the problems caused by the decline in services and facilities such as public transport, shops, Post Offices etc. The schemes can reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness experienced by individuals when friends and families move away.

For more information call DPVC on 029 2051 3700

Case studies

A family living a long way from Dinas Powys were very concerned about an elderly close relative living in the community when his wife had been admitted to hospital. A link to DPVC was found on the internet and his son contacted the Co ordinator by email. The coordinator visited the relative and organised, with the help of volunteers, help with shopping and trips to the local health centre and maintained regular contact with him and his family…

An elderly lady contacted DPVC because she was in plaster from her foot to her thigh and was unable to drive. The coordinator arranged, with the help of a volunteer, for essential groceries to be delivered and, with the assistance of a neighbour, made sure that she was able to cope over this period of immobility……